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                            James H. Bae

Traditional Medicine
            Growing up, traditional Asian medicine was a part of daily life – from food, martial arts, and meditation to healthcare. Chinese Medicine has become a home after decades of studying the diverse traditions of Asian medicine from India, Japan, Korea and Tibet.
            It was not until I began formal studies that I realized my early introduction to Asian medicine in the home context, as a blessing. More than a career, it’s about an embodiment of cultural practices and ideas – that homegrown and adaptive wisdom which makes sense of our lives.
            Training in TCM, Classical acupuncture and herbalism, was complemented with Fellowships in hospital-based care. I completed successive degrees in Integrative health services, with a focus on Ayurveda, women’s health and psychology, and graduate and postgraduate studies in Japanese Kampo, which provided a breadth to the interdisciplinary style that marks my approach.

            I aim to complete my doctoral degree with a focus on clinical and integrative medical research and oncology, in early 2019. 

​            Depth comes about by being touched by the lives and successes of thousands I have worked with in the decade of outpatient, community care (CAP} and private practice I have maintained as a Licensed, NY state acupuncture clinician. 
            My practice is constantly updated in lieu of clinical research as an evidence base, returning to traditional medical archives and drawing upon personal experience, and that of generations of masterful physicians and medical thinkers.
            I have a love for these evolving traditions. The study of traditional medicine is like the life blood, the daily nourishment for generations of scholar practitioners.  

My experienced clinical work is continually referred by physicians, therapists, manual and physical therapists and cherished colleagues in the field. My clients range from long-standing, community members and local families, to noted politicians, the film and fashion industry, clinicians and therapists, professional athletes, dancers and performers and those in the service and culinary fields. 

Mindbody Medicine
            As a visual artist and bibliophile, I found yoga and meditation as an adolescent, and it brought together for me the creative, the embodied and expressive. I moved to Asia, learned languages, translated and edited texts. I experienced this wisdom of life and longevity in rural kitchens, agricultural practices, temple architecture - as inseparable from clinical medicine. 
​            Healing is an embodied knowledge. Over twenty years of Yoga and contemplative practice inform clinical care and processes of self-healing. Somehow every mentor of traditional medicine I have trained under emphasized this dual cultivation. It's now the basis of my approach to mindbody medicine
            Through formal programs of study in contemplative psychotherapy, and innovative applications of psycho-emotional healing derived from medical classics, I continue to develop effective and meaningful strategies of care. Affective neuroscience is a prominent arena of research.
​            My approach to mindbody medicine is a joining of these streams, which I call the “Yoga of Medicine (YOM).” It puts at the forefront the rooted, phenomenological and experiential base of health and healing.

Writing and Research
            I have worked as a yoga researcher (under Georg Feuerstein at YREC), published over ten books, contributed articles and edited for journals, co-wrote academic curricula at the graduate level, and developed teacher training material for yoga education.
​            Medical humanities and anthropology enrich my perspectives on clinical practice. My research focus includes the interface between culture, science, religion and folk and traditional medicine. Through community education initiatives (Samaya Education) and interviews (YOM) with physicians, healers and top educators, I promote an extended medical gaze that appreciates humanity and diversity in a plural view of Asian medicine practice.
​        I am finishing work on my latest books on “contemplative medicine and healing.” I also love teaching and have spoken at universities, at yoga teacher trainings, led retreats, workshops and classes - nationally and internationally - for the last fifteen years.