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James has been involved with Yoga education since 2000 - through teaching classes, workshops, leading retreats and at professional trainings (YTT), as well as translation and editing of texts/manuscripts and curriculum development. His innovative curriculums have focused on the preservation of traditional modes of practice, as well as discourse at the crossroads of mindbody medicine and clinically grounded approaches to the vital and subtle body.

Currently, he is focusing on extensive personal retreat while developing course materials for the Medicine Tree Initiative (book project and online educational portal), and his primary work on Yoga and Traditional Medicine (YTM). If you are interested in his educational services for seminars or YTT programs at the 200- or 500- level contact

Courses and Training Segments

Yoga History, Philosophy and Literature
(survey course - Veda to Tantra)
Essence of the Yoga Sutras
Bhagavad Gita in Context
History of Tantra (Hindu and Buddhist)
Yoga Psychology

Theory and Practicum
Theory and Practice of Raja and Hatha Pranayama
Overview of Meditation (Sutra only)
Traditional Hatha - Texts and Praxis 
Shat-karman (Cleansing Practices - for retreat)
Introduction to Qigong

Yoga and Traditional Medicine
Yogic Body - Subtle Body Presentation
Yoga Materia Medica
Foundations of Ayurveda
Ayurveda - Anatomy and Physiology I
Ayurveda - Anatomy and Physiology II
Daily and Seasonal Regimens in Ayurveda
Men's Health in Traditional Medicine
Women's Health in Traditional Medicine
Fertility and Perinatal care in Traditional Medicine
Integrative Ayurvedic and Chinese Dietary Theory

Neuroscience, Healing and Contemplative Practice
Marma Theory and Applications in Yoga
Vayus - Evaluation and Therapeutics
Myoskeletal Marmas and Core Patterns in Practice
Yoga in Contemporary Therapeutic Context
Psyche in Traditional Medicine and Yoga
Psychotherapies of Traditional Medicine

The Way of the Body: Psychosomatics and Practical Tools for Transformation

essential threads of body knowledge applicable to a variety of educational and health-related contexts.

The format will feature an intensive study of integrative anatomy/physiology (Western and Traditional Asian Medicine) and Integrative Body Therapies (Principles of Yoga, herbs, and Manual Therapy). Participants will be introduced to a vast array of ways of experientially engaging the body as a reservoir of therapeutic wisdom, and learn tools and practices for making valuable changes, on a personal level, and also to contribute to the healing knowledge relevant to their students and clients.

There will be an emphasis on herbal medicine and diagnostics (palpation, listening and visual), and to some degree, manual therapy as these approaches are to lend to those involved in yoga therapy or are keenly interested in learning the Psychosomatics of Asian Medicine and healing from a contemporary, multidisciplinary perspective.

This ongoing training is best suited for:
• Healthcare practitioners
• Yoga Instructors and Therapists
• Individuals with a keen personal interest in health preservation and mind/body disciplines

Fall Module 
Foundations of Mind/Body Knowledge:
Topics: Physical and Vital Body
• Integrative Anatomy and Physiology (applied theory and practicum)
Organ/visceral system and five elements
• Channel Systems in Traditional Medicine
• Vital Points and Marmas
• Representative herbs and self-care regimens

Foundational Diagnostics - pulse, tongue and myofascial palpation*

(Chikitsa Purusha)

Contemplative Asian Medicine Practice

James offers a unique body of contemplative techniques and process work, bridging together Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Traditional Medicine.

These unique approaches to embodied self-awareness and bodymind integration are offered in private sessions, groups or retreat settings.

One on One, or small group classes available (Mindfulness, Calm Abiding and Yogic Self-Healing Methods).